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Looking forward to heading back into shops or meeting friends? Remember, you’ll need to wear a face covering - especially on public transport! You’re challenged to create a #maskhack out of items you own and can easily find around the house. Here’s one way to do it - as long as you' have two hair bands and a square piece of fabric (like a bandana) then you can make one by following these simple steps: 1. Wash your hands before you start! 2. Fold fabric in half 3. Fold long edges to meet in the centre 4. Slide a hair band on each end 5. Fold the fabric at the hair bands into the centre until they touch 6. Hook the hair bands over your ears and make sure the face mask covers your nose and chin (try not to touch the inside or outside of the mask once you have it on) Easy! Now all that's left to do is to show off your creation.

Highly requested 60s version of my viral mask hack #fyp #doctorsoftiktok #masktutorial #covid19  #viral #maskhack #learnontiktok created by Dr. Olivia with Dr. Olivia's original sound
#stitch with @rominagafur tiktok teaching me new things everyday! #maskhack #maskon #kn95 #foggyglasses #hansaplast #maskandglasses #fyp #tiktoknepal
#POV when you find a golden apple and decide to take a bite #maskhack #transtion #makeup #makeuplook
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