Tell us why you love Malaysia! Kongsikan mengapa anda sayangkan Malaysia! Use these template below with your own language/dialect in your video/Gunakan contoh di bawah dengan bahasa/dialek anda untuk video anda: English: Hi, my name is XXX I am from XXX And i am #madeinmalaysia I love Malaysia because XXX Malay: Hi, nama saya XXX Saya berasal dari XXX Dan saya #madeinmalaysia Saya sayangkan Malaysia kerana XXX Or just share the unique language or dialect, or any creative ways showing why you love Malaysia! Atau kongsikan video kreatif dengan bahasa dan dialek kreatif menunjukkan mengapa anda sayangkan Malaysia! Contest Period: 15th - 20th August 2019 How to join: 1. Shoot a video telling what makes you a Malaysian & why you love Malaysia 2. Add the hashtag #madeinmalaysia and add #teamXXX of your state 3. Vote for the team of your state. 4. The team with the highest vote will win. Note: Should there are no responses from the winners within 14 days of notification, the prizes will be forfeited and new winners will be selected.