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Hand Carved Bamboo Jasper Skull - Grounding and Nurturing Energy

This hand-carved Bamboo Jasper Skull is a stunning piece of craftsmanship that showcases the natural beauty and unique patterns of Bamboo Jasper. Carefully carved from high-quality Bamboo Jasper, this skull radiates grounding and nurturing energy, making it an exceptional addition to your crystal collection.
Bamboo Jasper, also known as Dragon Blood Jasper, is a powerful and protective stone that is revered for its ability to bring strength, courage, and vitality into one's life. Its rich green color and intricate patterns resemble the lush bamboo forests, creating a strong connection with nature and earth energies.
The healing properties of this Bamboo Jasper Skull are truly remarkable. It helps to ground and stabilize your energy, promoting a sense of calmness and balance during times of stress and anxiety. This crystal is also known for its nurturing qualities, supporting emotional healing, and enhancing feelings of comfort and security.
Whether you are a crystal enthusiast, a collector of unique artwork, or someone seeking grounding and nurturing energy, this hand-carved Bamboo Jasper Skull is a beautiful choice. Its size, approximately [insert size], makes it a perfect focal point for your altar, meditation space, or crystal grid.
Height: 70mm / 2.75 "
Length: 74.2mm / 2.92 "
Width: 54.5mm / 2.14 "
Weight: 479 g / 1 lb 0.8 oz
Healing Properties:
Grounding and stabilizing energy
Enhances strength, courage, and vitality
Nurtures and supports emotional healing
Promotes feelings of comfort and security
Balances yin and yang energies
Encourages self-acceptance and authenticity
Protects against negative energies

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Handmade / Hand Carved Crystal Quartz Skull
Hand Carved Crystal Quartz Skull - Powerful Healing and Spiritual Connection
This hand-carved Crystal Quartz Skull is a remarkable piece of artistry and a potent tool for healing and spiritual exploration. Meticulously crafted from high-quality crystal quartz, known as the "Master Healer," this skull showcases exquisite details and the inherent beauty of the quartz.
Crystal Quartz is a versatile and powerful crystal renowned for its ability to amplify energy and intentions. As a skull, it holds deep symbolism and connection to our own mortality, reminding us to embrace life fully and pursue inner transformation.
The healing properties of this Crystal Quartz Skull are profound. It can help purify and balance the energy within and around you, promoting clarity of mind, deep meditation, and enhanced spiritual awareness.
The skull's presence can serve as a protective talisman, shielding against negative energies and facilitating emotional healing.
Healing Properties:
• Amplifies and clarifies intentions
• Enhances spiritual connection and awareness
• Balances and purifies energy
• Promotes clarity of mind and focus
• Facilitates deep meditation and intuition
• Acts as a protective talisman against negative energies
• Supports emotional healing and release
Embrace the transformative power of Crystal Quartz with this hand-carved skull, and allow its energy to guide you on your healing and spiritual journey.

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Are you captivated by the mystical allure of unicorns?
Look no further! Embrace the magic with our one-of-a-kind Blue Aventurine Unicorn Crystal Art, a unique and rare treasure that will bring joy to your heart every day.
Handmade and hand-carved with meticulous attention to detail, this enchanting crystal art piece is a true masterpiece. The majestic blue aventurine unicorn sits centered, radiating its serene and soothing energy. The gentle curves and delicate features of the unicorn evoke a sense of grace, elegance, and purity.
Accompanied by raw quartz crystals, this artwork further amplifies the enchanting aura. The raw quartz crystals, with their natural formations and sparkling clarity, enhance the overall energy of the piece, infusing your space with positive vibrations and promoting a sense of harmony and balance.
To add an extra touch of magic, this crystal art is adorned with LED lights that create a mesmerizing glow, bringing the artwork to life. With a flick of a switch, watch as the unicorn and quartz crystals illuminate, casting a soft and enchanting ambiance in any room.
This unique creation is not only a beautiful decoration but also a powerful symbol of purity, magic, and transformation. Blue aventurine is known for its calming and soothing properties, offering a sense of tranqu'" and peace. It encourages self-expression, enhanc communication, and promotes a positive outlook on life. The raw quartz crystals amplify these qualities, creating a harmonious and uplifting energy in your surroundings.
Whether you're a unicorn enthusiast, a lover of crystals, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of unique art, this Blue Aventurine Unicorn Crystal Art is sure to delight and inspire. It is a perfect addition to your home decor, meditation space, or crystal collection, serving as a reminder to embrace the magic within and nurture vour dreams.
Indulge in the enchantment of Enchanting Dreams -
Blue Aventurine Unicorn Crystal Art and experience the joy of owning a truly special piece that will bring a smile to your face every day.
Made By G
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Hand Carved Ruby Kyanite Skull -
Metaphysical Properties are Inner Strength and Transformation

This natural stone is UV Reactive
This hand-carved Ruby Kyanite Skull is a magnificent work of art that combines the powerful energies of both Ruby and Kyanite crystals. Meticulously crafted from high-quality Ruby Kyanite, this skull showcases intricate details and the inherent beauty of these two remarkable stones.
Ruby Kyanite is a rare and potent crystal that combines the passionate energy of Ruby with the calming and aligning properties of Kyanite. This unique blend creates a harmonious synergy, promoting inner strength, transformation, and balance.
The healing properties of this Ruby Kyanite Skull are truly exceptional. It stimulates the heart and root chakras, awakening a sense of self-love, passion, and vitality. The crystal's energy aids in releasing blockages, bringing forth transformation and growth, while also promoting clear communication and emotional healing.
This hand-carved skull is not only a mesmerizing piece of art but also a powerful tool for energy work, meditation, and spiritual exploration. Its size, approximately [insert size], makes it a striking centerpiece for your altar, crystal grid, or sacred space.
Healing Properties:
• Activates the heart and root chakras
• Enhances self-love, passion, and vitalit
• Facilitates transformation and personal growth
• Aids in releasing blockages and negative patterns
• Supports clear communication and emotional healing
• Promotes balance and alignment of energies
Embrace the transformative energy of Ruby Kyanite with this hand-carved skull, and allow its unique blend of energies to guide you on a journey of inner strength and personal transformation.

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Crystal Art with LED lights that light up
Cat and Mouse Crystal Art

Whimsical Charm and Mystical Delight
Special: If you purchase this large artwork you get an option to purchase a small artwork for just 10.00
Calling all cat lovers! If you're looking for something truly unique and captivating, this one-of-a-kind crystal art piece is the perfect choice. Handmade, hand-carved, and handcrafted with utmost care, this rare creation will bring a smile to your face every day.
Featuring hand-carved Tigers Eye, Dream Amethyst, and Clear Quartz cats as the centerpiece, this crystal art piece also showcases four natural crystal mushrooms, including Black Obsidian and Clear Quartz varieties. Each element has been thoughtfully selected for its beauty and energy, creating a harmonious and enchanting composition.
To add an extra touch of whimsy and intrigue, this crystal art piece includes LED lights that illuminate the scene. The soft glow enhances the natural beauty of the crystals, casting a warm and captivating light that adds a magical ambiance to any space.
This Cat and Mouse Crystal Art stands at a height of 95.8mm and measures 91.5mm in width, making it a charming and eye-catching addition to your decor. With a weight of 5.1 oz, it is lightweight and easy to display, showcasing the quality craftsmanship and attention to detail.
In addition to the cats and mushrooms, this art piece includes two hanging bottles filled with very rare Vivianite shards and three hanging bottles with authentic mouse bones. Vivianite is known for its grounding and healing properties, while the mouse bones are known to house very powerful energy which adds a touch of intrigue and authenticity to the piece.
Whether you're a cat enthusiast or simply seeking a whimsical and captivating art piece, this Cat and Mouse Crystal Art is sure to delight and inspire. Display it in your home, office, or sacred space, and let its mystical charm and playful energy uplift your spirits every day.

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