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Eating Healthy DOES NOT Have to be Boring!👨‍🍳❤️ There’s no reason for you to be eating plain boring foods when you can eat delicious macro friendly meals like this by making simple and easy adjustments! My goal is to help as many of you, eating meals like this will make your fitness journeys more enjoyable, fun and more importantly sustainable!  I have lots more Easy, Delicious Macro Friendly Recipes in my Digital Cookbook!👨‍🍳📖❤️ Shoutout to my brothers @Sean Casey  & @Aussie Fitness 🇦🇺💪🏼  for the video idea and inspiration - go show them love!!❤️ . . . . #healthyrecipes #highprotein #healthymeals #fitness #foodie #easyrecipes #quickrecipes #lowcalorie #lowcaloriemeals #weightloss #fatloss #eathealthy #macrofriendly  created by Jalalsamfit with Jalalsamfit’s original sound
Replying to @bc.8priv “This doesn’t look healthy” is the definition of Stealth Health *Calories and macro-nutrients are not the ONLY thing that matters - but they are the most important component of nutrition to master before focusing on niche elimination tactics* The content I create is designed to help you master calorie control and focus on prioritizing protein intake and overall a balanced macro-nutrient profile, while enjoying the entire process. All recipes available on my page and in my cookbook! — What I show breaks every convention we’ve been taught about weight loss… but if the conventions we’ve been taught in the past actually worked, you probably wouldn’t be watching this video All the food I make intentionally looks very unhealthy, and as my name implies, that’s the whole point When most of us begin a diet, or try to get “healthier”, the first step is to start cutting out all of the things we’ve labeled as “bad. People will tell you to follow a crazy range of elimination diets ranging from keto to whole 30. Some of these diets lead to short term success - but what you trade for that short term success is a long term dysfunctional relationship with food. If you listened to everyone’s advice on elimination diets - you’d very quickly realize virtually every food group is labeled as “bad” by some group of people. The secondary issue is that once you get to the Food is a constant - and a dysfunctional relationship with food leads to nothing but an excessively more difficult life. My goal is to help you shift your thinking when starting a diet - instead of asking what in your diet is bad and must be removed… I want you to ask how can we take the things we’ve labeled as “bad” and turn them into something better Restricting yourself from having food you love isn’t necessary. The less you feel like you’re dieting, the better. #ste#stealthhealth c#macrofriendly i#weightloss e#dieting a#healthy cipes
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