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Its a sad fact. The more I look around the younger generation of Chinese Americans and other Asians the more I see that no traditions are passed down. We are taught to assimilate into western culture that we lose our own, even worse, I’ve seen Asians become rxcist to their own traditions and language that they don’t understand. If I hear another Asian saying bingchiling I might just throw a table 😓 . My one video isn’t enough to spread the message but I hope thst this video is shared and thst more people will understand the importance. Losing the knowledge of traditions in turn kills the culture and everything that comes with it. Ok my rant is over! Support an API small business this month and shop our 20% off on our website to support API Heritage month ❤️ #sharingheritage #learningtraditions #dyingculture #asiantraditions #chineseculture #packanorderwithme  created by Euphoric Sun with Euphoric Sun's original sound
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