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ieri sono venuti a chiedermi la mano❤️ #inshaAllah created by Tasnim Ali with ronixd's My Love.
Replying to @Areej Jo Lihat lah dengan hati, bukan sekadar mata yang memerhati ♥️ Let me explain first Why i put cream on their skin , because their skin is very dry, sampai luka 🙃. I also give them some donation that all my followers donates for them such as new clothing, new glove , new shoes , new scarft, and also we gave them warm food .. rice & chicken Alhamdulillah ✨ .Later when i got time i will show how happy our family there when they get to eat warm chicken & rice insyaallah 🙏🏻 #humanity #Allahuakbar #fyp #wintermission #kemanusiaan #ardellaryana #aryanacare #seeyousoon #inshaallah 🫂#demiummah
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