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🇬🇧Wrote London public WiFi on the plane to the UK. It came quickly and hit the range of feels while crossing the pond. The Extended Version is the truest expression of what was happening in my head. A droning dance floor jam. The radio edit is for the algo. 🤗 How does it make you feel? 🧡 . . #techno #hypnoticmelodic   #hypnoticmelodictechno  #robotsunrise  created by Robot Sunrise with Robot Sunrise’s original sound
Friday night was a dream ☁️ Thank you #thisisdancemusic for championing this track. 🎧 Thank you #innerobservers for the impeccable massive sound.🔊 Thank you @Downlowd @Elijah b2b @Ava Lake @mikey made @Club Indigo #badua b2b @Jörgen for your incredible artistry 🪩 Cover shot by energy crystal @amberpilarita 🦋
#techno #housemusic #hypnoticmelodictechno #thisisdancemusic #robotsunrise
💚 Can we give a huge shout out to all the epic collectives and crews popping off in SoCal rn? Was hyped to roll through the #thisisdancemusic event @High Tide last weekend. As an artist, community and support is everything - @thisisdancemusic is def bringing the vibes! 🥹 Video for All Night Remix is on deck and dropping soon! NYE show announcement coming. Join me in tagging your fave label, collective, crew, scene so we can all support and follow. 🫠
#rave #ravelife #techno #melodictechnomusic #housemusic #hypnoticmelodictechno #robotsunrise
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