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#hotwater #fail #fyp #foryoupage 1000 fans and I’ll post a part two. This is my younger sister created by Jordyn with Jordyn's original sound
This hack saves me every time!#EARACHE #EARPAIN #HACK
Who can relate? Earache always starts at the most Inconvenient times.
Middle of the night 🌝
Bank holidays ✌🏼
Abroad ✈️

Pretty much whenever you cannot access a GP or get to a shop to get some #medication . This hack can be a #lifesaver & made using pretty much whatever you have to hand 🤚🏼

If you need to reheat the cloth you can pop the mug or cup in the microwave for a few seconds to reheat ☕️

HOW DOES IT WORK? The pressure created by the #heat in the towel helps #relax the #eardrum & #relieve the #pressure imbalance in the #middleear .

You could even use a #jar and a #clean item of clothing to dunk in #hotwater . You really can make this anywhere providing you have something to soak, something to hold it in & something to heat with.
I hope this #flightattendanttricks works for you 😁
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