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Wait what?😭😭 #foryoupage #fail #horrified #whatamidoing #hair #hairtutorial #trending #viral created by MegsWonderland with 用户5799228827861's Can't stop laughing
This is proof of the abuse of power by the police! They came to our house almost knocking down our door and tried to arrest my husband for a warrant for a completely different house and person! My husband tried to explain to them that they have the wrong house/person and they did not listen. My kids were traumatized and crying and they didn’t care. They had a swat team outside with guns drawn, my kids have never been around guns and were really scared. They made my kids get out of our home for no damn reason! They didn’t care about the kids well-being. My kids were traumatized and crying and they didn’t care. This is horrible and made us feel unsafe in our own home. Once they finally listened to my husband they want to their vehicle and checked the person’s picture and let my husband know that they had the wrong person. How did they not check the profile of the person they were looking for before handcuffing my husband!?! Is this supposed to make us trust in the police? This is complete negligence!!!
How can they make such a big mistake and cause this trauma to our kids. We try to keep our kids safe and for them to have good memories. Now my 3 yr old daughter keeps repeating “daddy was in handcuffs, “scared of the guns.” This is absolutely outraging and I’m so upset that my daughter and sons have this memory. My husband has a clean record and was put through this trauma without a justified reason! I want answers and a plan to how this is going to be resolved. My husband and kids went from having a relaxing afternoon at home to a scary unnecessary traumatizing experience. This is not okay!!!
Hearing my kids cry is so heartbreaking and upsetting.. 😔😡😡😡
#injustice #policenegligence #abuseofpoweriswrong #traumaticexperience #horrified #spreadawareness #notokaywiththis
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