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Loving her correctly makes her horny you know? #healthycouple #lovelanguage #relationship #joeyandsavvy #foryoupage #relatable
Clearly, there are more than two reasons why a partner might get defensive. You could do everything right in how you approach them and they still respond poorly. What do you do then? At some point you may have to establish new boundaries in the relationship. Lets look at a specific example. Say the need you're expressing is a desire for greater sexual intimacy. You've expressed this need for months. Have tried multiple approaches. Maybe even involved a counselor in the discussion. Despite all the efforts you're partner remains defensive and seems unwilling to change. This can be maddening. You've been doing everything you can but it feels like beating a dead horse. One response in this moment could be to say, "I have something I want to tell you. Over the last several months I've been fighting for us to make progress around our sexual intimacy. You've consistently been defensive and resistant. That leaves me believing that you either don't care or are not capable of change. Rather than continuing to press you for change, I've decided I'm going to need to adjust how we do relationship. I won't be pushing for you to engage sexually anymore. I hope at some point you'll choose to start growing in this area but I'm done trying to drag you into it. This has been and continues to be extremely painful for me. Drawing this new boundaries hurts and will result in a greater distance between you and I. I want you to hear that this ISN'T what I want. I want to be close to you and build our relationship. Yet I can't keep fighting with you to value my needs only to be met with defensiveness." Drawing a boundary like this could mean a dramatic decrease in the intimacy in your relationship. It could even mean the relationship ends. Yet if you're partner does want the relationship to succeed, the natural consequence stemming from the boundary you set may be what finally motivates them towards change. It also frees you from fighting to get them tk change, allowing you to adjust and invest that energy in better ways. The thoughts jn the video and caption are addressing a difficult relationship challenge. Let me know if the comments if you have any specific questions. #Couplegoals #healthyrelationships #healthycouple #emotionalintelligence #datingtips #dating #marriagetips #marriageadvice #couples #intimacy #relationshipadvice
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