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Which era of kitchens do you like the most?

Between the Victorian era and up to the 1920s kitchens didn’t change much. The main difference was the change from wood burning stoves to electric. Open shelving in lieu of cabinets was common (a trend that has recently made a comeback). The main difference between now and then is that their open shelving wasn’t decorative and perfectly curated for dishes. It was a working kitchen. They kept commonly needed items like pots, pans and food within reach.

Although the refrigerator existed for a while, it didn’t really become more common until the 1930s when Freon became a safer coolant. Before then iceboxes were the common refrigerant.

The 1930s started to introduce color into the kitchen. The 1950s pastel kitchens were all the rage. Pink, blue, yellow even red and black were common trends. The 60s and 70s introduced earthy colors: orange, yellow, avocado green and browns. The 1980s brought back traditional neutral colors with oak becoming a hot trend. From the 1990s through the early 2000s, stained wood continued to be popular but many people began ditching Formica and tiled countertops for the newest trend - granite!
After 2010 we see more variety in materials like quartz, butcher block, concrete, granite, etc. and as we approach 2020 painted cabinets and overly decorated kitchens, curated shelves and countertops become trendy.

What era do you love? Tell me in the comments!

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