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Dettol India encourages you to regularly wash your hands using the correct steps for 20 seconds. Keep calm and tag 4 of your friends to spread the message. To Participate 1. Choose #HandWashChallenge from Discover Page 2. Show your signature dance move when song begins for the first 5 seconds 3. At the 5th second point at the “Clock” appearing on top right corner of the frame 4. Perform handwashing steps for next 10secs 5. Post it with the #HandWashChallenge, tag @dettol_india & 4 of your friends, & nominate them to take the challenge

Post your video to pass on the message - Let’s wash hands the right way!!  #HandWashChallenge @dettolarabia  #تحدي_غسل_اليدين created by Mad Shadz with Viruss's Hand Washing Song
#HandWashChallenge يلا نغسل أيدينا بالطريقة الصحيحة لنحافظ على حمايتنا #تحدي_غسل_اليدين# Handwashchallenge @dettolarabia # تيم_خدوج
#HandWashChallenge لازم نغسل أيدينا بالطريقة الصحيحة لنحافظ على حمايتنا وعلى نفسنا💜#تحدي_غسل_اليدين #Handwashchallenge @dettolarabia
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