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One time the pizza delivery guy dropped the pizzas and ran #gsd #dog #giant #bigdog created by Tahni & Rudi with There I Ruined It's Devil Eyes
Replying to @mushroom_______ my dogs are off leash in my front yard due to prior experiences. I workout in my garage. I’ve had several stray dogs run into my garage trying to attack me while I workout. I’ve had dogs run into my yard while my kids were playing. Maverick handled it all 3 times before my other dogs jumped in. The peace of mind dogs bring you when you are outside gives you that extra defense. They are not your primary but a secondary. When I workout my kids play & if you’re a dad or mom, you know how hard that is staying motivated and worried about your kids at the same time…but when you have dogs who are trained to protect, you don’t mind them being out front in the yard. Also I own my property so don’t tell me to leash them if they don’t leave my property, this is their yard & they protect it with their life 👍🏽#gsd #gsdoftiktok #dogsoftiktok #girldadtiktok #girldad
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