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Children learn how to behave more by what is modeled than anything else. If parents model compassion and awareness, guess what they display? #mommacusses #gentleparent #responsiveparent #momofteens #longgame created by Momma Cusses with Momma Cusses's original sound
“Good kids suffer silently”- Maggie from @parentingw.perspectacles
You are jot worries up your child that never acts out, always says as you please? This is the kid you need to check in on. Just like you are figuering out right now why all of those hard strong emotions make you feel overwhlemed. Kids bottle things up if they want to receive your love, shaming them in any kind of way for showing emotions or reblleious behaviour might leas them to not ever let those emotions out because it seems to them like something is wrong with them. Ans ita ok if you didnt know that. We all are learning along the way. Listen to the silent ones. #consciousparenting #consciousparent #gentleparenting #gentleparent #respectfulparenting #respectfulparent #innerchildhealing #innerchildwork #childhoodtrama #reparenting #reparentingjourney
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