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Asliii GA LIAT LIAT DULU MAIN LANGSUNG COMOT AJA GW 🥹 #peach #japanesepeach #food #fruit #fruittiktok #peaches  created by Angelinngel with Angelinngel's suara asli - Ngel
Mesta Mangosteens are so tasty compared with regular mangosteens… and their existence is such a weird plant story. Ready to geek up? 🤓

💜Mesta Mangosteens are distinct from regular mangosteens because they have very thick peels that are darker in color, are often seedless or nearly seedless, and have a firmer and slightly crunchy flesh that explodes with full-on sweet-sour flowery mangosteen flavor when you take a bite. I think I can say that most people prefer Mestas to regular mangosteens💜

But how Mesta Mangosteens exist is a mystery 🤔

Mangosteen trees reproduce by apomixis, meaning that their seeds contain a complete set of chromosomes from the mother tree. Additionally their flowers have sterile anthers (male parts), so there’s no cross-pollination (tree sexy-time) required to make a mangosteen fruit. This means that all mangosteens, all over the entire world, are essentially clones of one ancient mother mangosteen from a bazillion years ago.

So how did Mesta Mangosteen come to exist? One farmer told me they were genetically engineered by the Japanese 😅 but I think there’s probably a much more interesting answer. Other species of mangosteen, like Garcinia celebica, do have flowers with fertile male parts, so could Mesta be a triploid hybrid of mangosteen with another species? Or maybe just a random mutation? Or is something else happening?

➡️Answer with your theories about Mesta, and if you’ve tasted this amazing Mangosteen variety before tell us how much you love it in the comments below💜🙏🏼

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