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This is a genuine question.  #flordiacheck #florida #alabama #foryou created by Anna Sweet with Anna Sweet's Florida
for more details of how this entire scenario went down - check out all the videos on @Emmarie ‘s page !! THANK YOU DOG COMMUNITY FOR COMING TOGETHER ON THIS ONE. you made it possible for juni to catch a flight to me- for a second chance at life. there are never any training guarantees … but as a professional, i have a really good feeling about this one. shibu inus are a primitive breed & they need a certain type of household, lifestyle, & training to thrive. it is our job as trainers to properly inform owners how to meet breed specific needs for the well being of everyone - & he was failed by unknowledgable trainers who almost cost juni his life. juni’s progress will be continuously posted here. he most likely will be up for adoption after his training is completed as he will need a home with no children - although, nothing is set in stone yet before i have evaluated this dog. i know you guys have a bunch of questions but please be patient & we will get them all answered along his training journey. i pick juni up at 7:30PM tonight in tampa & i will be going live as im waiting in the airport for him. THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN. #missionsavejuni #shibuinu #resourceguarding #dogtok #dogcommunity #fyp #rescuedog #greenscreen #flordiacheck #soulbasedtraining #balancedtraining
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