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If you never got closure from a heartbreak, here it is. #lilabyalexajo #lilamoment #heartbreak #firstlove #breakuptok #gettingthroughabreakup #healing #healingfromheartbreak #heartache #firstbreakup #mentalhealthblog #closure #travelblogger #youngwriter  created by Joj | Travel & Mental Health with your movie soundtrack's Stuff We Did (from 'Up') - Piano Version
im so grateful for the four years we spent together and i would NEVER take it back. we taught eachother what love is and should feel like, how to love unconditionally, how to be in a relationship, how to be together as one. i will forever love the boy who taught me what love was. your first love is not someone you can just forget, they teach you those lessons that will be brought into my future relationships. reflecting has allowed me to see certain traits about myself that needed to fixed and worked on, and certain traits that someone will be so lucky to have. he taught me how to be loved when i grew up not knowing what it was, and i will never settle for anything less than what he gave me. he gave me the world and more. as much as it hurts that we couldnt make it all the way through, and as much as it hurts that leaving me seemed to make him so happy, im so happy that i was able to even experience a love as great as ours once was. people grow in different directions, as we did, and sometimes holding on too tight causes turmoil. i shouldnt have begged for him to fight, that shouldve been a given. he has now shown me when i need to give up in a relationship so i dont allow myself to feel this type of pain again. it breaks my heart to see he’s not the same person i once knew, and has done things i personally disagree with, but hes on his own journey and who am i to judge? all i can do from this experience is indulge in the pain im feeling right now, and be happy that i can even feel this type of pain because it means i am alive. it makes me feel alive, even though at times i wish i wasnt when im going through it. i lost you, but i found myself. so, as much as i wish it didnt happen, i needed you to leave me in order to find myself again. i was so lost in college, but im slowly making a comeback. and it can only go up from here #firstlove #selflove #selfcare #selfimprovement #rant #love #breakup #firstbreakup #healthy #relationship #longtermrelationship #healingjourney #healingtiktok #healingprocess #relatable #relationshipgoals #crush #relationships #relationship #fy #fyp #fypage #fypシ゚viral #fypdongggggggg #fypp #fypdong #viral #trend #foryou #foryoupage #tiktok
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