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An amazing interview question to ask! #interviewtips #careertiktok #findmeajob #interviewquestions #jobtiktok #resumetips created by YOUR JOB FRIEND with bestspedup's original sound
Replying to @swoopchirp New Grads Job Search Tips! 👍🍀❤️

if you are a new grad then you have a competitive advantage in that you have no bad habits. however at the same time you haven't been taught how to position yourself with employers. you need to leverage your intrinsic motivation. that is what will get you up every day to go do the job. the best thing to do is to identify companies where you feel a deep connection to the work that they do and then you want to leverage your unique skill sets to match them to jobs there. companies love hiring people that they can mold into high performing employees. that's one of the advantages of hiring a new grad. so you want to make the most of that by being able to Showcase how your personality and your workplace personas will be a great fit for their organization. the first place to start is to take the two free quizzes linked in my bio and then if you want help decoding the results I've got an awesome new tiktok series here that you can purchase where you can listen to me explain the results. but most importantly if you'd like to get some career coaching to help you with all of this I hope you'll head over to workitdaily.com where we help new grads all the time just like you. we've got a great 7 Day free trial!

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Why You Can't Find A Job That Suits YOU!!!

as a 20-year career coaching veteran I can tell you there are two reasons why people aren't able to find jobs that suit them. first they don't understand how they're communication style and personality impact their career choices. when you know what your dominant communication style is you can choose jobs that will make you really thrive in the workplace. your communication style will be respected and admired. second you need to know your top three workplace personas this is how you like to create value on the job. this is very important because companies pay you to create value. so when you are doing things that make you feel satisfied and successful and you're getting paid to do it you will be a lot happier. when you can put your communication style and your workplace personas together you can choose jobs that are much better fit for you. you will shine in the workplace people will respect and admire you and you will catapult your career. if you'd like to unlock your communication style and your workplace personas and learn how you can use them to find a job that suits you check out my amazing new tiktok series. will help you figure all of this out so that you can finally get a job that makes you feel satisfied and successful! click the link below to learn more!

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Replying to @brijo45 How you know it's time to FIND A NEW JOB! 😳🥺🤔😘

when I saw this comment on a recent tiktok of mine I know I had to respond. this poor woman needs a new job. there are two reasons why an employer might do something like this and I'm really honest about it in this tiktok. I want her to realize that it's time for her to move on and up in the world. companies often don't change their business strategies just to be able to pay you more money many of them are commodity employers who set a rate and won't deviate. but that doesn't mean you need to put up with it! it's time to know your value and go find a job that suits you!

#howtofindajob #findajob #findmeajob #newjob

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