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só quem jogou Resident 4 vai entender #forasteir0 #residentevil4 #EIH
#EIMIKO ; “Yae.” Ei whispered her name, leaning in closer to the kitsune. Yae turned to her, eyes widening in surprise once she realized how close Ei had gotten to her. Ei didn’t move any closer, she wouldn’t until she knew Yae wanted this. Yae’s eyes flickered down to her lips and back up to her gaze, her eyes fluttered closed and she didn’t move away. Yae let out a soft noise when their lips touched, her hand coming up to rest against her shoulder. Their kiss was slow, soft lips eagerly pressing back against her own. Ei brought her left hand up, sliding up the back of Yae’s kosode to the base of her neck. She felt the kitsune’s ears flick, soft fur brushing against her wrist. She guided the kiss, tilting Yae’s head just so for their lips to perfectly slot together. She leaned forward, resting most of her weight on her right hand. Yae’s own hands gripped at the shoulders of her kimono. Their lips parted for a brief moment, Yae letting out a shaky exhale as she tried to catch her breath, her eyes half lidded, cheeks flushed pink. It was far too enticing a sight to resist for long, Ei barely gave Yae much time to catch her breath before she moved forward again, her lips capturing her slightly parted ones. She trailed her tongue over Yae’s lips, the taste of umeshu still present on them. The taste as sweet as the woman herself. Yae parted her lips more, her tongue meeting Ei’s. The kitsune wrapped her arms around her shoulders, urging her on top of her, bringing the two down against the blankets with Yae’s back pressed against the ground. Ei placed both her palms on the ground, supporting her weight over Yae. Ei pulled away from the kiss, lightly nipping at her bottom lip as she did. Earning a small moan from the kitsune beneath her. “Ei…” Yae gazed up at her with shimmering eyes, breathing uneven, she pulled her hand back from her shoulders to reach for Ei’s hand. Bringing her hand up to the fold of her kosode. Ei paused, her hand stilling. “I think you deserve a more appropriate setting, it wouldn’t be proper to do such a thing here.” With the fireworks still booming behind her, Ei’s sharp and beautiful features framed perfectly by their light, the argument was not rather convincing to Yae’s ears, but it was that surprisingly gentle sincerity of Ei that she adored. “Ei, I don’t think I could stand it if we stopped now. I don’t need some lush bedding, I just want you…” Ei’s eyes flashed with lightning, the glow dying down as quickly as it came. Her gaze trailed over Yae’s eyes, her flushed skin, her slightly swollen lips. She came to her decision quickly. “As you wish, Miko.”Her hands were gentle, her touch grazing and fleeting. The god that commanded absolute loyalty in those that followed her, whose mere presence demanded respect and authority, demanded nothing now in her touch. Ei followed the way Miko’s body arched, listened to the soft breathy whispers from her that urged her hands forward, patiently accepting what Miko revealed to her as the fox’s hands undid her kosode. The clothes falling beneath her and splaying out under her onto the blankets. Her tail shook beside them, her skin growing flushed, breaths coming faster, Ei’s attention was almost overwhelming but she craved more. Miko’s hand guided Ei’s between her legs, urging her god to take her, and she did. She moved inside of her slowly, as if out of all the treasures of Inazuma, this was the most precious thing she had ever held in her hands. Her long fingers calloused from centuries of martial arts pressed inside of her, rubbing against her walls and working her up to take more of her. She withdrew her finger, and Miko almost cried at its absence before two pushed inside of her. Stealing the kitsune’s breath from her lungs. Miko’s sweet moans spilled out into the night, her hands desperately gripping onto Ei for some measure of control as she gave herself completely to her god. Ei’s lips were just as greedy, kissing at Miko’s jaw, her throat, her breasts, as her hand kept its pace. Even as Miko’s hips shook and shuttered with her approaching orgasm, even once her back arched against her, her tail flicking sporadically against the ground. “Ei…” Miko breathlessly spoke once she cane back to her senses. Ei brought her lips up from where she had been pressing soft kisses against her throat and pressed a gentle kiss against her lips, “I’m here, Miko…” by pawmeister #raidens #raidenshoguns #raidenshogungenshinimpacts #raidenshogunedits #raidenshogungenshinimpacteditg #eih #eigenshinimpact #eigenshinimpactedit #yaemiko#yaemikoo #yaemikoedito #yaemikogenshinimpacto #yaemikogenshinimpacteditogenshin #eimikoedit #eimikogenshinimpact #lesbian #girlinred #yaemikoxei #eixyaemiko
#eih el amal #nissasabyan yang tau terjemahan lagu nya tolong Dm ya trmksh
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