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Watermelon jello? 🍉 Mine is going to be the most beautiful one~☝️#watermelonjello #drinkrecipe #easydessert #comfortfood #asmrfood #cookingasmr #easyrecipe created by Ms Shi & Mr He with Ms Shi & Mr He's original sound
trying a lil apple pie version of these 🤤 og: @lilyghodrati

Recipe: (makes 4)
-4 Rice papers (I used brown rice paper but you can use either)
-1 banana
-peanut butter 4-5 tbsp’s
-dark chocolate - 2 large squares (ripped in half)
-1/2c Greek yogurt
-1 tbsp maple syrup

Get all of your ingredients prepped because once your rice paper is wet and ready to roll you have to move kinda quick. Slice your banana into 1/4ths, set aside. Break up small chunks of dark chocolate (i used 1/2 @ghirardelli square). Lay your rice paper in water for a few seconds and remove and lay on a dry plate. Place 1/4 of banana down, top with PB, about 1 tbsp, dark chocolate, and roll up. Set aside. 1 banana will make four. Heat oil in a large pan, enough oil so it’s about 1/2 up the side. Heat to 370ish degrees. Place rolls into oil and sizzle for 3ish mins until browned, and flip and brown for another 3 mins. Place a paper towel on a plate and put the rolls on it so it soaks up some of the grease. Place in fridge for 20 minutes to solidify the PB and choco! In the meantime make a your greek yogurt dip by combining 1/2c greek yogurt, 1 tbsp maple syrup, and a healthy dash of cinnamon. Mix well and serve alongside your rolls! Enjoy! #easyrecipes #dessert #easydessert #dessertrecipes #foodtok #recipes
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