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this whole moving has been CRAZY but the new house is so dirty I can’t wait to clean it!! #cleantok #drywallrepair #amateurandnotgoingwell created by Sage with Sage's original sound
If there are any professional drywallers present, please turn around now. If not, please be aware that I’m only taking compliments and not comments at this time...

But seriously, drywalling is one of the hardest things to get perfect, in my opinion. I’m pretty good at patching and have some videos in my profile to prove it, but doing the entire garage was pretty draining. It’s just not my interest or forte. But that’s alright! I’ll always take an opportunity to learn more, especially where practicing makes sense (like my garage).

Since I’m short on time, I rushed through the prep phase and didn’t ensure all my studs were plumb. This ended up costing me more time in the sanding and mudding phase. When it comes to drywalling, the separation is in the preparation.

You’ll notice in the video that my drywall is green. This is mold resistant drywall. Typically used in kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms… but I also like to use it in garages where there is no humidity control. I also chose to line the exterior walls with green drywall in case there is ever a leak or molding caused by lack of air circulation, due to all the shelves and containers that I’ll be installing. Normal drywall has an organic material in the paper which can feed mold. This green stuff contains only inorganic materials. Mold needs two things to live… 1) water and 2) an organic material as a good source. The green drywall gets rid of that second need (food).

The next minisode will contain white fire-code drywall which I placed in the partition between the two garage bays. This particular drywall will slow a potential fire from spreading between the two sides. Those sheets are MUCH heavier and can be a challenging experience for a solo install. At 6’3” 230lbs, I managed, but it’s much easier holding it overhead on a ladder when you have two people involved.

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