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I love you all!  I will always try to #bebetter!  #downbutnotout created by Scott D Henry with Scott D Henry's original sound
#duet with @angrybrownman im trying to fix myself #blindreact #smile #friendsknowyoubest #hospital #downbutnotout

965lb Hatfield Squat Injury.

Just going to repost a slightly different version of this with full details. I posted the last one while in significant pain at urgent care mostly as a distraction.

While trying for a 1,000lb Hatfield Squat to depth today I dislocated my shoulder on my final build up set. At the moment where you can see my arm quiver and my face scrunch up I felt a massive spasm/pop/shake in my shoulder. I completed the rep as there wasn't much else I could do at that point and called my brother to drive me to urgent care as soon as I realized I didnt even have the shoulder mobility to take my belt off.

It started out completely numb but rapidly became very painful. I waited for about 6 hours with the dislocated shoulder between Urgent Care and the Emergency Room to get it popped back in once an X-Ray confirmed that it was dislocated.

It's still tender and very weak, but the only damage so far that I know of is a Hill-Sachs Deformity on the humerous, which is a minor compression fracture and common in dislocations.

I am hoping follow up with Ortho and a probable MRI reveal minimal soft tissue damage. Dislocations can run the gambit from very little to very much in terms of needed recovery. I'm hoping the lack of swelling or bruising is a good sign, but only further investigation and time will tell.

I'm fairly certain the largest mistake on my part was putting the handles too high for the depth I was squatting. My arms should never have been at that angle. Up until now I've only done heavy Hatfields to a box ~5" above this one and that's hand position was fine.

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery but I'll be working everything else that I can in the mean time.

#liftinginjury #injury #hatfieldsquat #gymfail #snapcity #egolifting #squats #recovery #dislocation #downbutnotout #finishtherep
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