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At Revlon we strive to live boldly in all that we do, from our makeup down to our dance moves.🕺 We challenge you to tap into your bold, bad self by way of a TikTok video. Embrace your version of live boldly and level up with each verse. How you choose to do that is totally up to you. Just remember: No matter how you show us what you got, it’s got to go from bold to bolder to boldest.

Reply to @ruby_brookes Put your Order # in the comments if you want your own video! 💕 #mrsbench #fidgettoysplus #DoItBold #fidgettoys #fidgets created by Mrs. Bench with Revlon x Wiidope's Do It Bold
i’m at @ultabeauty for @revlon #DoItBold #MakeupGames challenge ! use this audio to show us your bold, bolder & boldest look ♡ info on their IG
Reply to @radical_drinks_pee Wait until the end to hear an update on international shipping prices! ✉️🧡 #mrsbench #fidgettoysplus #DoItBold #fidgets
Bolder than ever with @revlon ❤️ Use this audio to show how you #DoItBold for the Revlon #MakeupGames Challenge! Info/prizes on their IG
Reply to @.tropical..chxr_ Quiet options! 🙃 Perfect for school or work! All are available in my shop! (Link in bio) #mrsbench #fidgettoys #DoItBold
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