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Carry heavy sh*t. #abs #coretraining #getstrong  created by Kelly Matthews with ♔'s Bktherula – LEFT RIGHT
Front Lever Workout

Front lever -like any other advanced skill- is not as simple as “do this, do that”. CONTEXT MATTERS. I am not the type of coach that gives you a “fit-for-all-routine” and it’s not my intention with this post.

I’ll do my best to explain every point in detail and give you a SAMPLE workout at the end that MUST be modified to your own level and individual strength and weaknesses.


Front lever is a strength move where the prime mover is your lats. If you can’t do at least 10+ pull ups, I don’t see a point in training for the FL. At some point you’ll find a wall and we’ll be forced to regress and revisit the basics. Take the time to build a strong base with tons of vertical and horizontal pulls (pull ups and rows respectively)


Specificity is key. The FL is an angle specific isometric hold. Therefore, spending time in the position will be the most productive use of your time. As a rule of thumb, use a progression you can hold comfortably for at least 10sec.


Raises, and negatives will improve certain ranges of the movement and will provide a different stimulus that can be extremely useful for holding the isometric position. They are not necessary, but again, very beneficial if used correctly. Pick 1-2 and complement your holds with these — usually in a lower progression of your holds, but not always the case.


You can unlock the FL with almost zero core work. If your lats are strong enough, the core demand is minimal. That said, a strong core will certainly help with the position and a better looking body line. Dragon flags are fantastic since they involve the lats and triceps just like the FL.

👇 Workout Example:
1. FL Holds (3-5x 10-15sec)
2. FL Raises (2-4x 4-8r)
3. Dragon Flags (3-4x 8-15r)
4. Pull ups (2-4x 10-20r)

Questions bellow!

With Love,

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