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It still scares me, my stomach dropped when I saw that Tiktok #scary #creepy #fyp #dream #connected #trending #baddream #nightmare #mandelaeffect #spooky #folklore #dreams  created by Chloe Grace with :/\'s Ev3ry0ne i5 always c0nnect3d
“Emi you can give me a boost.” - 3 yr old Teddy said to his cousin-sibling Emi Sue.
Honestly, tears started streaming down my face as I wrote this caption. This moment took my breath away… it truly hit me watching this unfold that we’ve made it to the other side of a crisis and upheaval of life that I wasn’t sure 2 years ago we would survive. Many of you are new here and may not know this back story. Emi & Teddy aren’t twins, they are cousins who are 6 months apart in age. Cousins who 2 years ago were thrown with no warning or preparation into twin like sibling-hood. The circumstance of becoming Teddy’s guardians was the hardest thing we have faced as a family.
Anyone who has experienced kinship caregiving, fostering, legal guardianship, or adopting knows what I’m talking about. It is rarely a simple matter. It’s more complex emotionally, logistically, financially, than I could ever have imagined. The details of Emi, Teddy, and Elliot’s story is theirs to share if they choose. So I may speak vaguely about it. My experience I’m open to sharing in hopes of contributing to a community of support. Teddy’s mother, my sister, has been in ongoing crisis, coping with an addiction and mental illness. The part not many people talk about is the trauma all kids involved experience in these situations. I’ve watched my family, each of us, start to crumble from the stress and then slowly build back up with love and support from each other, and from a handful of very special people in our lives especially including Teddy’s co-guardians Kama & Nate, while he calls us “Mama” “Papa”, they are his “Mom” “Dad”. To see Emi & Teddy today support each other in this way, to communicate from a place of love and patience, means more to me anything. It means I can say something even 8 months ago I couldn’t- we are going to be okay.
#family #foster #kinshipcare #guardianship #connected #community
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