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One of the hardest things I’ve had to do without him… #fyp #teenmomsofttiktok #militarytiktok #militaryfamily #militarywife #armylife #christiantiktok created by Jenna<3 with 🫶🏼’s Originalton
#positive #christiantiktok

How we praise our children can go a long way in nourishing how they see themselves in the world around them. 

Praise their efforts … so they’re confident in themselves, and that will empower them to work through the challenges they’ll come up against.”

Even children as young as 12 months old are observing how we interact with the world around us. They unconsciously use these quiet, everyday observations to build a template for how they too should interact with the world. They absorb and mimic all the positive things we hope to pass down but also all the not-so-good things—like our own insecurities.

Expose them to different forms of beauty, including what beauty looks like in other cultures.

Build them up in their younger years so they’ll have the confidence and courage to face the haters and challenges they’ll have to deal with as they go through life. Credit: DFW Child
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