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😤😤 a real sammmmich #fyp #chickensandwich #cooking #food created by Ash with Vedo’s You Got It
When @theredchickz goes all out to make a HUGE hot chicken sandwich! Who’s eating all those pickles tho? #chickensandwich #hotchicken #dtla #FritoLay
Macro Friendly Crispy Chicken Sandwich

Per sandwich:
440 Calories
50g Protein*
43g Carbs
6g Fat
Weight: ~12 ounces

Chick-fil-A Version:
440 calories
29g Protein
41g Carbs
17g Fat
Weight: ~6.5 ounces

In other words - my version is DOUBLE the size, almost double the protein, 1/3 the fat content, for the same calories as the chick fil a sandwich. And in my opinion - it tastes much better too

*Also - in the video I said it contains “almost 50g of protein” 😅 - because I forgot to include the sauce in the initial macro calculation. The sriracha sauce adds ~5g of protein to each sandwich!


One ~12oz chicken breast, halved
Salt + garlic powder

**Dipping stations**
Station 1: Flour + salt/garlic/pepper
Station 2: Egg whites + hot sauce
Station 3: Crushed corn flakes

NOTE: I don’t measure the amount of each ingredient added to each station as it’s typically easier to add excess in order to ensure complete coating. I weighed the amount that stuck to each piece of chicken in order to calculate the macronutrients.
Flour: 5g per
Cornflakes: 15g per
Egg white + hot sauce adds virtually no calories (maybe 2-3 Cals)

1 toasted brioche bun (mine was 160 calories, use any preferred bun)

90g fat free plain Greek yogurt
30g Sriracha
5g Gochujang (optional)
2 spoonfuls of pickle juice

Pickles of choice

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