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Framing a Cheetos bag with a giraffe drawing on it #cheetos #flaminhotcheetos #cheetosaregood #giraffeart #quarantineart  #cheetosart
I had so many Cheetos today its an ungodly amount. Just typing this out, I'm gripping the bed sheets as if I'm about to be picked up by a tornado. No one seems to understand how scrumptiously yumlicious Cheetos are. I remember ignorant kids back in elementary always saying this finger licking snacks tasted like cardboard. Shut up, they are so good, I can't even begin to describe my newly acquired obsession with these godly teir snacks. Cheetos are so toe curling, I'm ripping my hair out thinking about having these delicious delights later. THEY ARE SO GOD DAMN SCRUMPTIOUSLY YUMLICIOUS UMPTIOUSLY GOOD. AND LICKING THE CHEETOS DUST OFF YOUR FINGERS WHEN YOUR DONE. DO NOT GET ME STARTED HOLY SHIT IT'S LIKE I ENTERED HEAVEN, I'M ATHIEST, BUT ONG THESE THINGS MUST HAVE BEEN CREATED BY A HIGHER BEING. BECAUSE OH MY GOODNESS GOLLY GOSH AAAA😩😩😩😩 THEY'RE SO GOOD OMFG MAKING ME SHAKE VIOLENTLY AFTER JUST LOOKING AT THEM. DONT GET ME STARTED ON HOT CHEETOS. OMFG I USED TO NOT BE ABLE TO EAT THOSE, TOO SPICY, BUT THEURE SO GOOD EVEN BEGTER THAN THE ORIGINAL. ONG WHEN I THINK ABOUT THOSE DELICIOUS HOT CHEETOS MY MOUTH ONG BEGINS TO WATER. THE SPICINESS IS SO PERFECT. I COULS LIVE OFF OF THESE. @Chester Cheetah GOD I LOVE YOU SM FOR MAKING THESE THINGS EXIST. THEY TASTE SO GOOD I CAN'T EVEN DESCRIBE IT. I JUST HONESTLY CAN'T EVEN BEGIN. THANK YOU SO MUCH. #cheetos #cheetochips #cheetosaregood #cheetosaregood😫 #cheetosaregoodtho #cheetosaregoodcantchangemymind #kitten #kittendancing #roblox #robloxsoundeffects
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