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Paws need Claws: Don't declaw your cats. #ASMR #catclaws #kneading #strangepets #chaoticpets created by Pouncey with Pouncey's original sound
Today is International No Declaw Day 💔🐾. #catclaws #claws #declaw #bigcats #rescuecat

When a cat is declawed, the first digit of the toe is amputated down to the knuckle. Not only does this take the claw away from the cat, but also takes away essential support in their feet. This fundamentally changes a cat’s form and function.

Although we give examples of our wild cats in this video, this certainly applies to domestics as well! 🐈🚫
I'm convinced this method of trimming / cutting the cats claws is the best thing I have or ever will come up with! @Jackson Galaxy advises cutting cat claws- and as a faithful Cat Guru follower I did so from getting them from @Resqstrays at 6 months old. Whilst i got one to semi tolerate it- it was still a pain in the butt- she'd kick her paws out and it was so tough to get a good angle. The other one I had to slightly swaddle and even though i tried to be gentle and gradual she'd run off and I'd be the scratch victim in the process. Has anyone else tried this? and please show me you trying this! #catmom #cat #rescuecat #catadvice #kitty #kitten #catclaws #paws #toebeans
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