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🧀 Pecorino is one of the world’s most ancient cheeses (and also one of the most delicious) 🐏 Pecorino Sardo cheese is made only with whole sheep’s milk from Sardinian farms.  🌿 The sheep graze on wild herbs and shrubs, in a semi-wild state on the mountains  This gives the cheese its unique taste and aroma. 🏔️ Sardinias rocky, dry land makes it a difficult place for farming, but perfect for raising sheep. Sardinias ancient sheep are unique to Sardinia, and are descendants of the wild mouflon. 🇮🇹 Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea with more than a thousand miles of coastline, sandy beaches and stunning landscapes dotted with Bronze Age stone ruins.  #sardinia #italy #mediterranean #cheese #farms #mountainsheep #forts #castles #beaches #3millionsheep #pecorino #pecorinoromano  created by Winston Butterfield with Winston Butterfield's original sound
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