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This was a dream trip to gift my husband  #prague #husbandsurprise #shockedhusband #couplememories #dreamtrips #castledreamstravel  created by WendyxJason with Random Piano's Interstellar (Main Theme)
Replying to @sparkchaser64 #prague #husbandsurprise #shockedhusband #couplememories #dreamtrips #castledreamstravel #castletok #castlecouture

Our story is not picture perfect - after two car accidents eight months apart from eachother, I spent a total of six months on my back not walking. Thanks to my sweet husband who helped me everyday in the recovery process which continues up until today, we were thankful to God to be able to go to Czech🇨🇿 after 7 years of not seeing my family and Peru 🇵🇪after 14 years of not seeing my family within a two week timespan just to get their blessing on our marriage a few weeks ago ❤️ which makes us thankful to God and feeling so undeserving that we can have this hallmark beginning 🥹😭🙏🏼
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