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#careercoachontiktok #herfirst100k #careercoachforwomen #careercoaching #careercoach #careertiktok #jobsearchhelp created by Career Coach Chelsea with Artimus Wolz's Repeat after me it is not my job
#greenscreen This LinkedIn post stopped me in my tracks, and I think every corporate millennial leader needs to hear it- especially if you struggle with confidence around making big career changes. #careeradvice #k18results #careercoach #jobtips #jobadvice #jobs #careertok #careercoachontiktok #millennialcareercoach career ideas
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Replying to @animal_shapes Don't Ask For A Raise, Do THIS Instead 👍😀🔥🍀

The reason I don't encourage people to flat out ask for a raise is that they'll either get a yes or no answer. you got a 50/50 shot of it working out in your favor. instead I teach people how to plan for a raise. I show you how to walk in prepared to have a conversation around all the additional work you've been doing and then ask exactly what has to happen for you to get that raise. this will help the hiring manager reveal whether they ever intend to give you a raise at all. and it also shows them how much extra work you've been doing which oftentimes can go overlooked. which will then plant a seed in their head that perhaps you're thinking of leaving and that maybe they should reconsider and give you that raise. no matter what going through this process is going to help you figure out whether you should stay or go. and you can stop guessing if you'll ever get a raise! if you'd like to learn more on salary negotiation I have an entire course on it along with 14 other courses as part of my coaching community. we have a 7-Day free trial that's risk-free to you so that you can check out the courses and learn how to negotiate your salary like a pro. you'll find it over at workatdaily.com.

##howtoaskforaraise #askforaraise #salarynegotiation #salarynegotiationtips #careercoaching #careercoachontiktok #affordablecareercoaching
#stitch with @workforreal How long you should stay at a job. #careeradvice #careertiktok #careertok #jobsearch #jobseekers #corporatetiktok #corporatelife #careercoach #careercoachontiktok #careergodfather
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