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Dancing our way through #cancer #mydad #summerstories #recovery #family #keepgoing #cancerjourney
The last real conversation I had with my sister was 3 days before she was admitted into the hospital. October 27, 2022. By the time she was actually in the hospital she couldn’t fully converse or respond anymore. I could tell she was really down, I mean who wouldn’t be? Stage 4 Glioblastoma brain cancer for the 4th time? Hadn’t she already been through enough? She was on daily chemotherapy but still continuing to work as an RN. But I had a very specific message for her. Which I still continue to tell her til this day. I asked her what she did that day. She said, “I worked. But it’s ok, at least it made me feel like I had a purpose.” I told her, “Wait. What the hell are you talking about? Do you know that you have helped give inspiration and hope to thousands of people all over the globe to keep fighting against cancer? 3% of Glioblastoma patients live past 5 years. You are here over 7 years later. You beat the statistics by 97%! I get hundreds of messages every single day from people all over the world. All over North America, Brazil, Turkey, and even Norway. I’ve even had people say your story gave their husband or mother another chance at life. You have saved countless lives working as an RN, but you have saved even more lives by just being you. By you being the fighting, inspirational warrior that you are. You have helped people believe in their survival and to believe they were worth fighting for. You. Your story. You just being you. Not many people can say that. THAT’S what your purpose is.” It’s always the strongest people who don’t realize how strong they are. How much of an impact they’ve had on everyone around them. But you bet I’m still letting her know how many kind, amazing, supportive, and loving people there are out there still cheering her on til this day. We appreciate all of your kind words more than you could ever imagine. I want to apologize that I have not been able to respond to everyone just yet but just know your support means the absolute world to us. Thank you all so much❤️ #glioblastoma #gbm #glioblastomacancer #braintumorsurvivor #cancerjourney #cancerjournal
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