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I will protect my hair at all cost. I know y’all can relate! #news #work #bonnet #watchmegrow #foryoupage #fyp
The birth of @thesamuraiwrap 🥷🏽🎀✊🏾. It's was at this very moment that my life changed forever 🙌🏾. When I first discovered this method I used a pair of leggings accidentally searching in the DARK for any particul of clothing in my dresser drawer to put on my head 😅. After feeling around I literally put my arms through a pair of leggings and wrapped my hair the VERY SAME WAY shown in this video. After saying my prayers I new I was onto something. The next day I ran to the mirror, removed the cotten leggings and said am going to share this with the WOLRD! Literally seconds later I knew as a hairstylist that the cotten fabric from the leggings would dry out the users hair in time. There had to be a better way. For one week I told my clients to try this method while I searched the market place for a product similar to this idea. After sitting with a Patent attorney we soon discovered that there wasn't a product on the market like this💡. When I tell you that this was nothing but God guiding me from the start 🙌🏾. Only he knew that hiring a manufacturing company that destroyed my inventory would have resulted into a small claims case that @thepeoplescourttv would find interesting enough to reach out to me and BOOM 🤯. God took a tragedy/ road block into Global brand in seconds 🙌🏾. Black Friday is quickly approaching and as you all know we sell out very quickly! Order Now #hairwrap #peoplecourt #headwrap #wrappinghair #leggingsoftiktok #wraphair #satinheadwrap #bonnet #hairbonnet
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