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This was the second attempt at this copper counter. The first time I was there it looked completely brown. So much so I thought I dropped bleach on it by mistake after some product reveled its true beauty. Unfortunately the first visit I didnt have the proper cleaner so couldnt get it fully cleaned. This time I came prepared.  Unless you like cleaning A LOT and have a tome of spare time. I would not suggest copper for a countertop.  #coppercleaning #cleantok #barkeepersfriend #coppersink #housecleaner #bathroomcleaning #cleaningmotivation  created by TonyaBee with Mon Rovîa's Big Love Ahead
Replying to @i_like_potatoes_3to_eat Jerry the brain cell has left the building. This was suppose to be a simple sink clean and ended up unclogging pipe, washing walls, floors and blinds. Thanks Jerry. #sinkclean #barkeepersfriend #cleantok
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