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Young Gordon Ramsay #gordonramsay #younggordonramsay #bakingbad #funnyvideos😂😂😂   created by Jazz with Jazz's original sound
What causes fragile macaron shells:
-under baked shells (or baking at too low of a temp)
-over mixed batter (over macaronaging)
-oily almond flour
-over beaten meringue (in the case of Swiss)
-unstable meringue (for example if you use carton egg whites you might get a batch like this)
Any questions?🙋🏻‍♀️

The fixes for all of these:
-bake longer, or at a higher temp. However don’t over bake overbaked shells will become brittle and hollow.
-Don’t over do the macaronage (specially when doing French method, it can be very easy to over mix).
-If your almond flour is oily you can dry it in the oven by spreading the flour in a baking sheet lined with paper towels and bake at 200 Fahrenheit for about 30 min. Then let it cool down before using.
-If you are over beating your meringue with Swiss you will most likely have fragile shells, the consistency of the Swiss meringue shouldn’t be as stiff as the French, for comparison. The meringue shouldn’t have several tiny peaks and it shouldn’t be chunky, it should be smooth but have stiff peaks, with a big cloudy base with soft but defined waves at the bottom.
-And if you are using carton egg whites consider a meringue stabilizer such as egg white powder, cream of tartar, or mixing some fresh whites with them, and have in mind that some batches of carton egg whites won’t work as well as others even from the same brand.
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