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#fugitiverecovery #BailBonds #Southeastbailbonds #Bail #Bonds  #BailJumper@thatguyleke created by TopherLee with TopherLee's original sound
I helped my best friend and her husband get out of jail. They were arrested for trafficking in November of 2021. I helped watch their 5 daughters.and saw them suffering. I couldn't imagine them not being able to hug each other again for years. The oldest is my Goddaughter. I spent the night at the hospital with her when she had the 2nd and 3rd daughters. They are Godparents to my boys. I never thought twice about putting my house up to help them bond out and fix things with their daughters and home. They had fallen behind on their mortgage almost $60,000 so figuring out what would happen with everything while they served their actual sentence. They went to court dates in North Carolina and we raised money for lawyers and to help out. I received a call January 16 from bail bond company that the husband ankle monitor had been off for over a week. The monitor was last located in San Diego CA. I had had a funny feeling because normally we talk at least once a week and I hadn't heard from her in several days. I had even texted her letting her know I had found diapers on sale for the twins.
We found out through my Goddaughter friends that she had told them their plans and had expressed not wanting to go. Now 3 homes ( mine and 2 others)plus over 20 other friends and family members who signed for $50,000 each are all screwed unless they're found. We all trusted them. My goal is to make this viral so they can't hide. Please help Thank you for taking the time to read this ❤️
#fypシ゚viral #northcarolina #fypシ゚viral #GetCrackin #montclair #cheatersgettingcaught #losangeles #lalinea #pachucahidalgo #mexicali #guadalajara #rosarito #bailjumper #sebusca #bettrayed #momsoftiktok #pleasesupport #pleasegoviral #pleaseshare
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