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Can you drink alcohol if uou take an antidepressant? #antidepressants #alcoholproblems #collegestudentlife #collegeproblems #collegehealth #healthtipstiktok #tiktokcollegedoc #alcoholdangers  created by Jill Grimes, MD with Jill Grimes, MD’s original sound
Replying to @jefferybray5 Alcohol toxicity-aka alcohol overdose is no joke. Understand what tolerance means & when you need to get help for someone who’s had too much to drink #collegeproblems #collegedoc #borg #alcoholtoxicity #alcoholod #alcoholdangers #springbreak #borgnames #collegelife #drinkinggames #shotsshotsshots #fyp
"Don't let alcohol ruin your health! 🍷🚫 #AlcoholAwareness #ProtectYourLiver "

"Did you know that morning drinking can increase your risk of liver cirrhosis and cancer? Don't let alcohol take a toll on your health. Choose a healthier lifestyle and say no to morning drinks. #AlcoholDangers #LiverHealth #CancerPrevention "
Post Surgery: Day 7.

A week after surgery and recovery is going pretty well.
Walking around is a bit of a challenge, but I have a walker for that.
It may not be the prettiest thing, but it keeps me mobile.
Although, there's still a lot of pressure and soreness mostly in my calf muscle where part of the bone was removed.
My hip isn't as sore, but it's uncomfortable to sit and get adjusted.

I was able to come home on Thursday afternoon after demonstrating to the Physical Therapists that I could be mobile and independent.
We tried walking and moving on Wednesday, but that was just not happening.
Thursday was a WAY better day to attempt to get up and learn to navigate basic movement as well as learn to ascend/descend stairs.
I'm not so confident on stairs yet, and they take a lot out of me to go down. Going up is hardest.

Yesterday I was allowed to take off the wrap I had on.
I !asasume I was allowed since Thursday, but nobody told me not to and I wasn't going to do something I shouldn't and be THAT guy who calls and says, "Yeah, hey Doc, I goofed."
The amount of pressure my leg released once getting wrapped was like popping a pimple on the corner of your nose just so it stops hurting a little bit more.
Although, walking and getting around is a little bit more stressful since there's no pressure holding my muscles tight, it still feels better than having most of my leg unmoveable.

I've been blessed so far with a pretty decent recovery that hasn't been giving me problems. I know there's usually, more often than not, with complications during surgeries or recovering after. I'm grateful I don't have this problem.

Well, it's Taco Tuesday!
It's a great day to be alive and sober!
Thank you everybody for the care and support!
I am very grateful for all of it!
#sober #progressnotperfection #osteonecrosis #postsurgery #alcoholdangers #recovery #soberliving #handicapable #postsurgeryrecovery #learntowalk #nottodaysatan #avascularnecrosis
Ready to kick back this #HumpDay with a delicious #StrawberryCreamSpritz? 🍓 In a glass, start with ice and 3 scoops of freeze-dried strawberries. Pour in 3 oz of strawberry milk 🥛, top with bubbly strawberry water, and stir well. Add a final scoop of strawberries and garnish with a fresh mint sprig. #DIYMocktail to celebrate mid-week! #TikTokRecipe #Foodie #NonAlcoholic 🎉 Enjoy!
#EverydayCommitment #Motivation #sobertiktok #alcoholfreejourney #boozefree #bigalcohol #alcoholdangers #afdrinks
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