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休日👨🏾‍🦱🤎この時期でもできるおすすめデートあったら教えてください〜◎#チッタナポリ #栄 #釜が滝 #氷点下の森 #興正寺 #年下彼氏しか勝たん #年下彼氏 #初心者tiktok #おすすめ #鼻の穴に親指入る created by アチャン with Vaundy's napori
Finding a spot for plum blossoms this weekend? 🌸

Here’s 5 places to visit in Kyoto for plum blossoms viewing and their bloom rates in 🌸 (5 flowers = full bloom)

📍Jonangu (🌸🌸🌸🌸 as of 3/3)
Enjoy the view of about 150 weeping plum trees in the shrine’s garden! It is also famous for its green moss with scattered camelia flowers. You’ll need a separate ticket into the plum garden.
- 30 mins bus from Kyoto station

📍Kitano Tenmangu (🌸🌸🌸 as of 28/2)
There is a plum garden where you get to enjoy the view of 1,500 plum trees on an elevated observatory! Entry tickets to the garden also include a pack of biscuits and a hot tea to go with the view!
- 35 mins bus from Kyoto station

📍Kosho-Ji (🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 as of 27/2)
There are 2 pretty plum trees that’s right at the entry of the temple gate, providing a nice backdrop for your photos! This is free to enter!
- 10 mins walk from Kyoto station

📍Umenomiya Taisha Garden (🌸 as of 3/3)
This is a famous plum blossom viewing spot but I went abit early so only a few trees have bloomed. The best time to view will probably be starting from end next week. The garden area is huge with a hut and pond within, lined with plum trees in white and pink! You’ll need a separate ticket for the garden from the shrine itself.
- 40 mins bus from Kyoto station

📍Umekoji park (🌸🌸🌸🌸🌸 as of 27/2)
This is a good, not super crowded spot to enjoy the view of many plum trees! The trees are located nearer to the railways instead of the actual park walkways. Great for a weekend picnic with kids! It is also free to enter since it’s a public park.
- 15 mins walk from Kyoto station

Hope this helps you plan your weekend plum blossom viewing trips if you are in Kyoto! 🤗

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