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六房媽請客超好吃😋 #杰倫搖 #紅龜粿 #噴噴塑 #斗六 #六房媽 #大北勢 created by ㄤ啾與蓁姐 with keaikate's Where's The Promised Happiness (Sped Up Ver.)
1. 取1碗苎葉水再加上過濾水共200cc與55g苎葉用食物調理機打均勻。
2. 44g沾米粉、368g糯米粉和57g已經打碎的冰片糖,放入168cc水攪拌均勻,用小火煮成糊狀。
3. 將糊狀的再來米粉(步驟二)倒進368克糯米粉中,用筷子攪拌至麵絮狀。


Pick off the ramie leaves in advance and dry them in the sun. Take 80g of the sun-dried ramie leaves to wash away the dust with water. Put them in a pot, pour water to cover the ramie leaves, bring to a boil, then turn to a low heat and cook until the ramie leaves become soft. Strain the boiled ramie leaves and let cool.

1. Take 1 bowl of ramie leaf water and add filtered water to a total of 200cc and 55g of ramie leaves and blend evenly with a food processor.

2. Add 44g dipped rice flour, 368g glutinous rice flour and 57g of broken brown sugar piece. Add 168cc of water, stir well, and cook over low heat until it becomes a paste.

3. Pour the battered rice flour (step 2) into 368g of glutinous rice flour, stir with chopsticks until the dough becomes fluffy.
4. Put it in a mixing bowl, add the ramie leaf water (step 1) and mix it into a ball.
5. After the water boils, steam for 12 minutes on high heat. When the time is up, open the lid and turn off the fire.

50g per ball, 10g filling, about 17 in total.

#紅龜粿 #糕點 #料理 #食譜 #素食 #蔬食 #vegan #veganrecipes #tiktokrecipe #angkukueh
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