Safety Center

  • Duets can be a fun way to create videos with another user, but you’re in control: we give you the option to decide who can make duets with you(everyone, no one, or just friends). Learn how
  • Who do you want to be allowed to comment on your videos? You decide! Learn how
  • You also have the ability to delete any comment posted on your videos – just tap and hold the comment, then choose "delete."
  • If you come across a video with content you particularly don’t like, you can long-press on the video to show your preference and see less of that sort of video in the future. Learn how
  • With a private account, only users you’ve approved as followers can see your content, but you can also choose to make a specific video private. Private videos are visible only to you, and you can select this setting when you originally upload the video – or by later making an uploaded video private. Learn how
  • If you see something that might violate our Terms of Service, please report it so our moderation team can review and take appropriate action. You can report a specific video, livestream, user, or comment right within the app itself. Learn how