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TikTok Transparency Report

January 1, 2019 – June 30, 2019

Released: December 30, 2019


TikTok is a place for creativity and expression. We are committed to enabling our users to create and have fun in a safe and comfortable environment. We believe that when people feel safe, their creativity can flourish. 

Just like other tech companies, occasionally we are presented with requests from various official bodies, such as government agencies or law enforcement officials, asking us to take certain actions at their behest. These include requests to take down content deemed to be in violation of local laws, or to provide information related to accounts under certain defined circumstances, such as to assist in a criminal investigation or emergency request. We also receive content take-down requests from copyright owners looking to protect their intellectual property.

To foster candid dialogue essential to earning and maintaining trust, we are publishing our first Transparency Report this year, providing insight into how we responsibly respond to legal requests regarding user content. Through regular updates, we aim to give our community the opportunity to better understand the actions we take on their behalf and evaluate us based on up-to-date information.

We take any request from government bodies extremely seriously, and closely review each such request we receive to determine whether, for example, the request adheres to the required legal process or the content violates a local law. TikTok is committed to assisting law enforcement in appropriate circumstances while respecting the privacy and rights of our users. 

The sections below provide insight into the requests we received from government bodies in the markets where the TikTok app operates during the first half of 2019. We did not receive any requests from countries other than those listed in the chart below. In addition, we have also included a description of our copyright take-down process.

Legal requests for user information

Any information request we receive is carefully reviewed for legal sufficiency, to determine whether, for example, the requesting entity is authorized to gather evidence in connection with a law enforcement investigation or to investigate an emergency involving imminent harm. For more on our policies and practices, please see our Law Enforcement Data Request Guidelines.

The following chart shows the number of information requests we received, by country, in the first half of 2019 (January 1 – June 30, 2019) and the rate with which we complied with those requests.

NOTE: TikTok did not receive any legal requests for account information from countries other than those on the list above.

Government requests for content removal

In addition to legal information requests, government bodies sometimes request that we remove content they deem to be a violation of local laws. We review such requests closely and evaluate the specified content in accordance with our Community Guidelines and local laws.

The following table shows the requests we received from government bodies in the first half of 2019 (January 1 – June 30, 2019) to remove or restrict content.

NOTE: TikTok did not receive any government requests to remove or restrict content from countries other than those on the list above.

Copyrighted content take-down notices

TikTok is built on the creativity of our users. Accordingly, our Community Guidelines prohibit content that infringes third party intellectual property and we have a robust copyright protection policy.

We honor valid take-down requests based on violations of copyright law, such as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Upon receiving an effective notice from a rights holder of potential intellectual property infringement, TikTok will remove the infringing content in a timely manner.

Any activity that infringes the copyrights of others may lead to account suspension or removal. For more information on how we evaluate copyright infringement allegations, please see our Intellectual Property Policy

NOTE: Only copyright infringement take-down notices from copyright owners, their agencies, or attorneys are included in our copyrighted content take-down statistics.

What’s next

We’re proud of our commitment to help ensure that TikTok is a fun, inclusive, and safe community for all who have a desire to express their creative side. With that said, we know we can always do more both to protect our users and to earn and maintain trust. This report is just the latest effort in our commitment to being transparent with our community about the ways we maintain the app experience users expect while providing the protections they deserve.

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