Safety Center

"You're in Control" video series

The educational video series, "You're in Control," helps us in our mission to foster a safe, positive environment where users are in control and can express themselves creatively. Check them out!

  • Choosing who can duet with you: Told through the lens of a music jam session, this video illustrates how you can disable duets or enable the feature just for friends.
  • Reporting inappropriate behavior: Taking place on a bus ride with a comically inappropriate passenger, this video shows you how to use the in-app reporting feature.
  • Blocking a user: Want to turn off the peanut gallery? This tutorial shows you how you can block an individual user from following, seeing your content, or contacting you.
  • Filtering comments: Told using a delicious can of TikTokios, this video shows how you can automatically filter words from appearing in your comments – or in the video, the words in your bowl of tastiness.
  • Keeping TikTok positive: TikTok is commitment to building an environment for positive creativity, and this video illustrates how to stand up or your community by reporting bullying or harassment.
  • Choosing a private account: Told through the lens of a surprise party, this tutorial illustrates how to enable a private account, which restricts viewing of your content to followers only.
  • Enabling comment controls: Illustrated in a noisy diner, this video shows you how to enable comment controls to filter out the noise.
  • Enabling messaging controls: Taking place in a plane 30 thousand feet in the air, this video shows you how to restrict or even disable in-app messaging.
  • Setting screen time limits: Showing a situation we’re all too familiar with, this tutorial demonstrates setting screen time limits - for those of us who can’t put down the phone.
  • Supporting the community: What do you do if you notice a fellow user seems upset? Reach out like you would to a friend at a party using the in-app reporting steps outlined in this video.