Safety Center

Impersonation: Guidance on Parody/Fan/Commentary Accounts

To prevent the spread of misleading information and to encourage people to share authentically, we don't allow accounts that misrepresent their identities on TikTok. We do allow parody, fan, or commentary accounts as long as they follow our guidelines.

A parody, commentary, or fan account must not confuse or mislead other users about the person responsible for the account or the overall purpose of the account.

  • TikTok bio
    Your TikTok bio should indicate that your account is a fan, commentary, or parody account and that it is not affiliated with the subject of the account. The bio can include words or hashtags such as "parody," "fake," "fan," or "commentary.” 
  • Nickname
    Your nickname should indicate that your account is not affiliated or managed by the subject of the account.
  • Username
    Your username (for example, @username) should indicate that you are a fan, parody, or commentary account. 

TikTok accounts that pose as another person or organization in a confusing or deceptive manner may be suspended or banned. If you're reported for posing as another individual or organization, you'll be asked to revise your profile or your account may be suspended.