Safety Center

Concerned that your account has been hacked?

If you notice any of this suspicious behavior, your account may have been hacked:

  • Your account password or phone number has been changed.
  • Your account username or nickname has been changed.
  • Videos have been deleted or posted without your permission.
  • Messages that you didn't write were sent from your account.

What to do if your account has been hacked

  1. Change your password: Changing your password will log out all other users who may have accessed your account. If you can't change your password, contact the Support Team by going to your Profile tab, tapping on the Settings icon , and selecting Privacy and Settings > Send Feedback.
  2. Check your account info: Go to your Profile tab, tap on the Settings icon, and tap Manage My Account to verify if the information in your account is correct.

How to keep your account safe

A few tips:

  1. Never trust any 3rd-party websites that promise to give away free likes, fans, crowns, coins, or other incentives as they may be able to take your login info.
  2. Select a secure password that contains at least one number and special character.