Community controls

Updated: June 20, 2024

 Community controls help you define who can interact with you or your content.

These settings may vary depending on your region and version of the app.

Who can view your video

You are in control of your content. You can choose who can view your video on the post page each time you publish a video. You can choose to make it only visible to yourself, to your ‘Friends,’ or to wider TikTok community. Learn more

Control who messages you

Direct Messages (DMs) provide a way for people to communicate privately. Direct Messages are only available to registered accounts who are 16 and older – and it’s one of the features that a parent or caregiver can restrict or turn off with Family Pairing. Direct Messages can be set to ‘Everyone,’ ‘Friends’ (followers that you follow back), or ‘No one.’ Learn more

Decide who can comment

TikTok helps connect a rich and diverse community, where people are free to express themselves, but you can decide whether and whom you allow comments from. By default, comments for people under 16 are set to ‘Friends’ (followers that you follow back). People under 16 can switch between either ‘Friends’ or ‘No one.’ People who are above 16 can choose ‘Everyone,’ ‘Friends’ (followers that you follow back), or turn off comments entirely. Regardless of what option you choose, all comments should adhere to our Community GuidelinesLearn more

Filter comments

In addition to comment controls, TikTok also offers people the ability to create their own comment filters. We offer two ways to quickly and easily filter comments you don’t want to see. The first option automatically hides offensive comments our systems detect on your videos; the second option lets you create a custom list of keywords so that comments containing those words will be hidden automatically, too. Learn more

Delete comments

You’re in control of your content – including the comments that people may leave. You can remove comments that you do not wish to see, or report them by long-pressing on a comment if you think it violates our Community GuidelinesLearn more

Block an account

TikTok allows you to keep anyone from interacting with you or your content for any reason. By blocking an account, that person they will not be able to view your content or send you messages. Learn more

Remove a follower

It’s easy to remove someone from following you. This means that your content will no longer appear in their Following feed. Learn more

Who can view your liked videos

You can prevent others from seeing the videos you have liked. Doing so will keep your content viewing preference (the videos you’ve liked) private. Learn more

Allow your video to be downloaded

Turning off video downloads means that others can not download your videos to their devices. People under 16 and people with a private account cannot have their videos downloaded. People 16-17 also have this setting turned off by default, with the option to enable it in their Privacy settings. Learn more

Who can Duet with you

Duet is a video feature on TikTok that allows another TikTok community member to use your content to create a split screen video using the same audio. The creator of the Duet will determine who can watch, comment on, and download the newly created Duet. Creators 16 and above with public accounts are eligible for Duet.
Duet can be a fun way to create videos with another person, but you’re in control of who can make a Duet with your content. It’s easy to set this once at the account level and have this setting be applied to all your videos. You can also turn Duet on or off on a particular video, too. Learn more

Who can Stitch your content

Stitch allows people to clip and integrate scenes from another person’s video into their own. Like Duet, Stitch is a way to reinterpret and add to another person’s content, building on their stories, tutorials, recipes, math lessons, and more. The creator of the Stitch will determine who can watch, comment on, and download the newly created content. Creators 16 and above with public accounts are eligible for Stitch. Learn more