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Arabic Trap (90 Sec)


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Just an average morning on trail. Seriously I couldnt make this stuff up even if I tried 🤣 to be fair tho, poor Piper was just trying to vibe. Her tiny legs cant keep up with you my guy! And your other too..well… luckily I have control of my off leash wolfdogs 🤦‍♀️ their behavior with the wrong dogs could be very dangerous for their safety and you would be half a mile away. #offleashdogawareness #offleashdogs #slcdogfriendly #dogsitcom #thisisajokeright  created by Happywolf with TimTaj's Arabic Trap (90 Sec)
Reply to @inailay_ part 2 to the underage club story 😳w/ fried chicken, mini wedges and chipotle buttermilk ranch 🍗 #foryou #fyp #ummmcanunot
جرب معنا ديتوول مطهر و منظف رااااااائع 😍👌🏼
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