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TikTok content strategy

Creating videos longer than one minute

Sometimes a video idea requires a little more time. That’s why we’ve introduced the option to make longer videos, giving creators some more space to share their stories and ideas on TikTok.

Creating longer videos

With longer videos, you have an expanded canvas for your creativity with the flexibility of a bit more space.

With the extra time, you can experiment with new and expanded content ideas, create deeper-dive tutorials, offer more detailed explainers, share extended stories, and more. Do you want to create a comedy skit with a punchline that might benefit from another minute of buildup? Maybe you want to share a recipe that takes a bit longer to explain.

Whatever your video concept is, the added time is there for you when you need it.

Recording longer videos

To record longer videos, press the plus icon at the bottom of your screen to be taken to the video creation screen. From there, you can either shoot or upload videos to TikTok. These features will roll out to all users over the coming weeks.

This step-by-step explainer from the engaging and mouthwatering recipe buildup as well as its appealing top-down style.

Don’t forget about storytelling

Remember, no matter how long your videos are, the same principles apply. All of the best TikTok videos have one thing in common: They all tell a story.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a travel video, a makeup tutorial, or a fitness routine — great TikTok videos usually have a clear beginning, middle, and end. To keep viewers interested and engaged, consider making videos in the format of tutorials, step-by-step explainers, and illustrative stories narrated with captivating language and eye-catching scenery. You can also make your content more engaging by introducing a question that’s answered as a viewer watches your video in full.

When you focus on engaging storytelling, you give viewers a reason to watch until the end.

Visualization is key

Think about your visuals. Consider creating a stand-out intro by being highly visual to highlight to viewers what the topic of the video is all about. Adding clear and concise text to the start of your video can help frame the subject matter for your audience. It’s also a good idea to sprinkle sticker text throughout your video, particularly when you introduce new topics or to reinforce main ideas.

What about sounds?

As with all videos, you have an entire library of popular music to choose from on the platform to complement your longer videos.

Try experimenting with creating one longer video a week, and tag us to share what you learned from the #creatorportal.

In this colorful video, the creator sets up an improbable question and answers it in decisive — and visually striking — fashion.

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