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Making your videos more accessible

Are you looking for ways to expand the reach of your videos? Inclusivity might be the answer. TikTok builds with inclusivity in mind to support our diverse community of creators and viewers. When you use features that support accessibility as you create your videos, you just might open up the experience so that more people can enjoy your content!

Photosensitive epilepsy warning

Being mindful of those prone to photosensitive epilepsy makes it possible for those same viewers to watch your videos. That’s where the photosensitive epilepsy warning comes in handy. This warning notifies you when you’re working with effects that may trigger photosensitive epilepsy. You may see this notification while you’re selecting certain effects during the video editing process. If you see this warning, consider whether you want to proceed with such an effect or explore other options.


One feature that can be particularly helpful to the visually impaired or blind communities is text-to-speech. This feature lets you convert typed text to a voice-over that plays over the text as it appears in the video. Available in select countries with more to follow, text-to-speech can be found in the video editing page and can be enabled by holding down on the text until the “text-to-speech” prompt appears.

Auto captions and text on videos

Auto captions automatically generate subtitles, allowing viewers to read along with your video content. This feature helps viewers who are deaf or hard of hearing enjoy your content (launching soon in select countries, with wider availability to follow). You can select auto captions in the editing page after you’ve uploaded or recorded a video, and then text is automatically transcribed and displayed on your videos. You may also consider creating intro cards to let the audience know what they’re about to see.

Remember: Making your videos more accessible allows you to reach more people globally and support communities that may not consume content in the same way.

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