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Foundations for success

Finding your style

It can be difficult for new creators to figure out what type of videos they want to create. Here we will uncover a few popular formats on TikTok, and discuss what categories of videos work with them.


With informational videos, you want your audience to walk away having learned something. Whether it’s a restaurant review or a tour of the city, it’s important to set the context from the beginning. Let the the viewer know what you’re going to talk about, and walk them through that information.

Remember: You only have a few seconds to capture a viewer’s attention. Consider starting with a strong hook and using captions so viewers know what to expect as soon as they see your video. For example, if you’re showing a few restaurants you love in your city, you could start the video with text that reads, “the top three restaurants to visit in my city.”


Vlogs can take a variety of formats, but generally involve a collection of videos about your daily life. Part of the beauty of TikTok is that no matter how ordinary your everyday life may seem to you, viewers may still be drawn to videos about it.

No matter what type of vlog you’re sharing, you want to think about using a variety of footage and creative cuts to keep viewers hooked.

Getting creative with production, such as using voice-overs to provide commentary or explanations, may also help lock in interest and tie everything together.

Step by step

Whether it’s a DIY project or a recipe, a step-by-step format is an easy way to keep viewers engaged. With this style of video, think about using TikTok text throughout to provide context and keep your process clear for viewers.


As you scroll through your For You feed, you’ll likely start to notice some trends. Maybe some videos will be using similar effects, songs, or text. Add these to your favorites and think about how you’d make them relevant to you and your experiences. That way when you want to put your own spin on a trend, you feel ready to do so.

To add something to your favorites, long-press on the video itself to reveal new icons. Choose the “Add to Favorites” icon, and the video will be added to your favorites. When you want to access your favorites again, simply select the flag icon on your profile page.

When you join in on popular conversations through trends, your video is timely and relevant. You also have a captive audience, which may help garner more engagement. Find trends that you enjoy, and consider adapting them into your style of videos.

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